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The real question is why would a group of high school students do this? Frankly, the answer is quite simple. When I first began tutoring one-on-one I made a massive discovery. Some of the students were incredibly smart, but their teachers' style did not match the student's style. Seeing so many students being judged so harshly for something that wasn't their fault hurt me. I want to give students the second chance they may need to excel with another style that may match theirs. 

Who are we?

CK Academy is run by a group of high school students! 

We have been blessed with the fact that a majority of our teachers match our style. Because of this, we have been able to excel through the school system ahead of other students. 

For some time, this didn't bother any of us at all. This was until we saw some incredibly smart students being punished by a poor student-teacher match. 

This student-teacher match is the exact reason why some kids love and hate the same teacher. 

We have been tutoring one on one for more than 6 months now and we have seen some incredible results. 

What can we provide?

Being some of the top students of our class we, and having experience in tutoring we can supply the perfect materials to help students grow. Our team consists of three Sophomores: Felix Chen, Dylan Keesee, and Andrew Chen. 

Need proof?

Felix Chen:

Rank (1/137)

4.375 GPA

1 AP... so far (two more on the way)

1430 PSAT

Dylan Keesee:

Rank (1/137)
4.375 GPA

1 AP... so far (one more on the way)

Andrew Chen

Rank (4/137)
4.32 GPA

1 AP... so far (three more on the way)

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